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450L Upright Freezer


350L Upright Freezer


330L Upright Freezer


125L Upright Freezer


400L Pigeon Pair




850L Chest Freeze


850L Chest Freezer


750L Chest Freezer


750L Chest Freezer


750L Chest Freezer


750L Chest Freezer


Freezer Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

You must consider various things to ensure you choose the correct freezer for your house while searching for a new chest or upright freezer. To help you freeze food in huge quantities, Super General provides a range of freezers with several functions. Start your shopping spree by using this buying guide.

Types of freezers
If you're buying a freezer not attached to a refrigerator, you have two options to choose from Super General. Let's take a closer look at each type of freezer.

  1. Upright freezer
    Upright freezers are famous for the convenience they offer. They're usually easy to fit through a door, don't take up too much space, can be easily moved, and typically come equipped with compartment dividers that make keeping your food organized in a manner that suits you best. Unfortunately, upright units are slightly more expensive than the other freezers. However, Upright Freezers take the crown for convenience and ease of use.
    Benefits :
    • Take up only a little space.
    • Easy to keep food organized.
    • It gives you easy access to different types.
    • Moves with ease.
  2. Chest freezer
    Chest freezers often called deep freezers, are a popular choice for the cost-and-energy-conscious buyer. They have the largest capacity of the three types. If you have a lot of food that has to be frozen, they're the best choice. They use less energy than upright models and stay cold longer during an energy outage.
    With a large-capacity chest freezer, you'll want easy access to the thermostat to adjust the temperature for the fullness of the freezer. TCL has conveniently placed the thermostat in an easily accessed front corner of the freezer, allowing you to maintain the quality of your stored food.
    Benefits :
    • Affordable
    • Large capacity
    • Less energy
    • Keeps food frozen longer without power

Factors to consider when buying a freezer
The best features vary with the type of freezer, but the most critical components are those that help you organize and more readily retrieve foods.

  • Manual or self-defrost: Defrosting function helps to save energy. A self-defrost freezer automatically keeps ice from accumulating, while a manual defrost freezer must be periodically emptied and turned off to remove any ice build-up.
  • Temperature control panel: This feature allows temperature control per the food you want to store and helps you use the same unit as the fridge/freezer.
  • Operating indicator light (on the control panel): This lets you know the freezer works without opening the door, increasing energy efficiency and keeping it low on maintenance.
  • Lock with key for safety: It limits access to your freezer, protecting children and other at-risk family members.
  • The number of adjustable baskets or shelves: Baskets/shelves help organize and store your food effectively. Super General's Chest freezers usually have at least one basket, while Super General's Upright freezers have at least one adjustable shelf.
  • Freezer light: The light inside the freezer makes it easier to find food.
  • Quick/fast freeze function: This feature lets the freezer cool your food quickly.
  • Alarm for lid: This helps with energy saving by alerting you if the cover is left open by mistake.
  • Lid handle: This can be in either external or recess presentation. It lets the user conveniently lift the lid at the gasket region.

Benefits of Upright & Chest freezer
The two most popular types of freezers to buy are the Upright and Chest models, as they are the best. Here, we look at each freezer type's benefits.

Chest freezers
Chest Freezers provide more significant usable space than Upright freezers since their interiors are mainly open, save for detachable hanging baskets or separators. These types also frequently use less energy and are less likely to give food freezer burn.
The temperature is consistently lower because they don't self-defrost as Uprights do. Also, it keeps the food frozen longer than Uprights when the power is down, making them the better option if your area is prone to brownouts or power outages. Usually, they are less noisy than self-defrosting Uprights.

Upright freezers
They require less floor space compared to Chest freezers. Moreover, they are simpler to organize. Similar to a refrigerator, the shelves and bins inside and on the door make it simple to locate items. Both manual and self-defrosting variants are available. Remember that manual defrosting requires emptying the freezer and can take hours. Nevertheless, self-defrosting freezers permit transient temperature increases.
Upright freezers come in various finishes, including stainless steel and slate.

Choosing the right freezer is more complicated than finding something that will keep things cold. You have many options in Super General to consider, and you should take some time to find a suitable freezer. You can find various freezers online on Amazon, Sharaf DG, and Carrefour. Look up Super General for more information about different types of freezers, and contact the Super General freezer service centre to maintain them for optimum use.


What do I need to know before buying a freezer?
Here are the features to look for when purchasing a freezer:

  • Capacity: Freezers are sized according to their inside ability, specified in cubic feet.
  • Defrost drain.
  • Energy-efficient rating
  • Defrost feature
  • Self-defrosting freezers
  • Manual defrost freezers
  • Shelves, storage baskets, and drawers
  • Door locks

Which brand of freezer is the most reliable?
Freezers from Super General are the most reliable.

Which type of freezer is best?
An upright freezer can be the wiser choice for those who need or want access to frozen foods. Also, this freezer style uses less room, which is perfect for making the most of a small area.

What energy efficiency rating should I look for in a freezer?
Experts at Super General recommend buying a freezer with 4.5 ratings or more stars, as these energy star ratings indicate the power consumption level. So, more energy-rating stars are equivalent to better power consumption.

What is the difference between an Upright freezer and a Chest freezer?
Upright freezers are also known as stand-up freezers because they are vertical and give you a tall storage space, usually featuring shelves for easy organization. Chest freezers lay horizontally and are great for extra-large items or deep freezer storage but can be more challenging to access.

Do freezers have flexible storage?
A flexible fridge freezer is a model that has a flexible storage zone that can be switched from fridge to freezer and back again whenever you need some extra storage space.

Where can I buy a freezer?
You can buy Super General freezers from Sharaf DG, Carrefour, and Amazon.