28 Nov 2023

Energy-efficient fridges – The solution to save money and the planet!

Refrigerators can consume lots of energy at home, so optimizing their energy can impact electricity and energy efficiency bills. Here are the top reasons you should choose Super General's energy-efficient refrigerator models for your kitchen.  

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7 Nov 2023

Guide to Purchasing a Dishwasher

The dishwasher's becoming common in all households, owing to their convenience. Here's a fun way to do your dishes daily without a sweat! Read here to know how you should get a dishwasher for home from UAE's most famous brand – Super General!   

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16 Oct 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Refrigerators

A refrigerator acts as more than just a storage unit. It uplifts any room in your house with its design. If you want to get a new stylish and super affordable model, read to know why you must choose a Super General model!

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