24 May 2023 | 5

7 Efficient features of top-load washers

Super General is a leading brand in the UAE of home appliances. Its top load washing machines have become increasingly popular among customers because of its efficient features.

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16 May 2023 | 5

Tips on how to care for your mixer grinder 

Mixer grinders make your life easy, saving you lots of time in the kitchen daily. While they are easy to maintain and use, you must follow specific safety tips to do your cooking in under 30 minutes!

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19 Apr 2023 | 5

Home Appliances That Make Amazing Gifts for your Loved Ones

Wish to surprise your near and dear ones? Here is an opportunity to pick your favourite kitchen appliances for a gift purpose from Super General. These smart appliances will make every user's life simpler in the kitchen.

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