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            [product_type] => Double Door (Sliding & French)
            [variation_type] => Type

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            [product_type] => Single Door Chiller
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1200L Double Door Chiller


1000L Double Door Chiller


1000L Sliding Door Chiller


800L Sliding Door Chiller


800L Sliding Door Chiller


800L French Door Chiller


800L French Door Chiller


600L French Door Chiller


600L French Door Chiller


700L Single Door Chiller


650L Single Door Chiller


650L Single Door Chiller


Guide to Choosing the Best Chiller

Access to clean and hygienic water is vital for living a healthy life. Drinking water directly from the tap can be risky. It can result in water-borne diseases due to contamination. That’s where water dispensers can help. Earlier water dispensers were mostly found in offices or other public spaces. However, they are now increasingly finding a place in homes as they provide you with clean, pure water that’s free from contamination. If you have been considering installing a water dispenser in your home, here’s what you need to know.


Size always matters when buying chillers since large-size chillers consume more energy. If you know the suitable capacity for your storage purposes, you can easily decide on the size. Maintenance also becomes difficult for large-sized chillers. Before purchasing, ask an expert and clarify which model you must opt for.

Temperature range
Not all chillers have the same temperature setting. Hence, it would help if you chose a model with the ideal temperature range according to the food you will store. You can switch to different degrees, according to the seasonal changes too.

Types of refrigeration
Commercial chillers are available in various forms, like counter and display chillers, freezer cabinets, prep counter fridges, and walk-in chillers, as they have in restaurants and cafes. You can choose the model based on your business mainly. These single and double-door chillers will be the best if you want to store beverages and dairy products.

Since commercial chillers run throughout the day, they must be maintained well. If not, they can be easily damaged. Another essential factor to remember is that you must repair the damaged chiller as quickly as possible; otherwise, you may have to change the faulty model. Though they have enhanced durability and efficiency, a regular maintenance check with a technician will be helpful in the long run.

Food safety
Food safety mainly depends on the brand and the type of food you store. Other factors besides the model you choose include choosing airtight containers, stocking wisely and equally for even weight distribution and setting the right temperature.

Efficient cooling system and low noise design
No one likes a noisy chiller, do they? For commercial purposes, it's always best to choose the model that runs silently. Since these operate for extended periods, your electricity bill might be higher. So, look at the star rating before purchasing.

Types of chillers
Chillers are of two kinds – Double Door (Sliding & French) & Single Door

Though these models operate similarly, you can find a slight difference in storage capacity.

Double door (Sliding or French)
While double-door chillers are often preferred due to their large capacity, Super General models are known for energy efficiency. Double-door chillers are not energy efficient since they consume more electricity. Though they weigh around 150 kg, you can quickly move around with the support of wheels. You can find sliding doors and the standard model, with a slight price variation.

Single door
Single-door chillers from Super General range from 130 – 800-liter capacity and have a direct cooling system with a fan. The minimum number of shelves is five, which varies according to the model's capacity. There is a tempered and firm glass door, which helps maintain the temperature of the chiller. The glass doors also let minimum air escape while opening the chiller. This is how all the Super General chillers are made.

Super General chillers are energy efficient and have flexible designs for storage. Several technicians are available to help if our chillers have any issues. You can contact our team through the contact numbers on the Super General website. These chillers can be found on sites like Sharaf DG and Amazon with the latest offers.


What is the capacity of a single-door chiller?
The ideal capacity of a single-door chiller is between 300 – 500 liters, which varies according to the brand you choose. However, Super General models have a standard and typical capacity ranging from 200 – 400 liters.

What are the benefits of a single-door chiller?
Single-door chillers require less space and electricity and use direct cooling technology with natural convection.

What are the applications of a single-door chiller?
Single-door chillers are commonly used for beverages and dairy products.

What are the different types of double-door chillers?
French doors that slide and standard doors that swing open are the two types of double-door chillers.

What is the capacity of a double-door chiller?
Double door chiller capacity varies between 500-800 liters, which differs from your chosen brand.

What are standard chiller sizes?
The standard chiller size is about 50 to 80 tons, and all the models from Super General weigh the same but are easier to use and move around.