Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

28 Sep 2022

Air conditioners are a refuge when hot summers cause us much discomfort, and the heat never seems to go down. But with the rising heat, the electricity bill also shoots up tremendously. When your air conditioner is the reason for an abnormally high electricity bill, it probably indicates that it has lost its efficiency and needs servicing.

During the hotter summer months, your air conditioning system could account for as much as 12% of your total annual home energy expenditures and as much as 70%. The HVAC system consumes the most energy in your home. Here are some signs that your AC has reduced efficiency-

  • Increased costs
  • Irregular sounds
  • Ice formation on the compressor
  • Frequent cycling

Effective ways to increase air conditioner efficiency

  • Clear indoor vents
    Keeping the vents free of debris is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner. Spend some time walking around your house and inspecting the vents. These will either be on the ceiling or the floor.
    Take considerable time cleaning out any debris from your indoor air supply vents. This is critical if you want to maintain consistent airflow through your system. Even if you regularly dust and vacuum, the vents may still be obstructed by blinds, rugs, toys, or furniture.
  • Keep filters clean
    When your air conditioner achieves the highest air circulation, it means it will operate at peak efficiency. On the other hand, a dirty filter can have a significant impact on this. Dirty filters will not only decrease the air quality within your home, but they may also reduce airflow, making your air conditioner’s job even more difficult. This is a simple and inexpensive way of preventing air conditioner inefficiencies. If you do not address this, you may have to invest in costly repairs.
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance
    An HVAC expert can do things that a homeowner cannot. The main sewer line is cleaned and cleared, and the refrigerant levels are checked. An expert also reviews all electrical connections and elements for safety and lubricates movable parts. Air conditioning tune-ups regularly reduce breakdowns, improve indoor air quality and comfort, verify manufacturer warranties, and lower electricity bills.
  • Turn up the thermostat
    Simply raise the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees. In most cases, a five to eight-degree temperature change could help you save both money and energy. If you buy a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature from your smart device, and what’s more, you can make changes no matter where you are.
  • Clean the outdoor condenser unit
    Your outdoor unit would be most efficient if clean and entirely free of debris. However, cleaning the condenser can be difficult, so make sure you know what you’re doing and how to do it before you begin. Leave the more thorough cleanings to the professionals. They can ensure that proper precautions are taken to avoid severe damage.
  • Close doors and windows
    If you leave your home’s doors or windows open, the conditioned air inside may easily escape to the outside. This can result in significant inefficiencies. If you want to cool out the space, turn off the air conditioning unit first.

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