Washing machines: Your must-have household appliance

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 10 min minutes

Washing machines are no longer a luxury. They are an essential appliance, which saves time and washes your clothes clean. Depending on the size of your family, and your requirements you can choose to go with a semi-automatic, fully automatic top load or front load washing machine. If you are looking to purchase this essential cleaning appliance for your home, here's a complete guide that can help.

Advantages of buying branded washing machines

These handy cleaning appliances not only do all the hard work for you. They save you time and money as many brands ensure that their machines clean your laundry without harming the environment. So, if you plan to purchase a good quality washing machine it makes sense to get familiar with its functions / features.

The different washing machine functions you must know

Make the best use of your cleaning appliance by getting familiar with its function. This way you can get maximum value for your money. Also, give your clothes the best care and wash, every time you decide to clean them.

  • Fuzzy/Regular
    This setting is for a huge pile of dirty laundry that requires a good amount of cleaning with the most agitation. Avoid this setting if you have delicate fabrics to wash or want to save on electricity, time, and water.
  • Quick
    A great setting for you to use when you are in a rush, and there are not many clothes to wash. If you do not have a full load of clothes, which simply need a light, quick wash, you can opt for this setting.
  • Delicates
    Use this setting to clean your most delicate fabrics. Innerwear like bras, lingerie, and pantyhose need a gentle wash, and this setting is best for that. It cleans while protecting your delicate fabrics.
  • Water Saving
    Different machines have this function that allows you to remove dirt and save water while using more washing power to clean your clothes. Some machines also have a water recycling setting that allows for rinsing so that you can reuse the laundry water for other uses like gardening or to flush the toilet.
  • Air Dry
    Great for the monsoon season, this feature removes the moisture from your clothes after spinning them dry. Hence, it helps you dry your clothes faster.
  • Eco Wash
    This setting allows you to save on power with minimum use of water. It's best used on everyday clothing that does not require much care while washing.
  • Drum Clean
    A handy function that thoroughly cleans the drum, removing detergent and other residue build-ups that may clog your machine. Cleaning your machine regularly can ensure it always functions optimally. Now that you are familiar with the common features, here's illustrating some of the advantages of using washing machines.

5 Benefits of using washing machines

  • Saves time
    The best part about a washing machine is it does all the hard work for you in no time. This gives you more time to do the things you actually enjoy or want to do.
  • Reduces effort
    It's easy to use and all you need to do is load the machine with your dirty clothes, add a washing liquid or detergent and switch on a button. It's a minimum effort on your part with the best cleaning results.
  • Range of sizes available to suit your needs
    Depending on the size of your family, you can choose a machine that has the capacity to take care of both light and heavy loads.
  • Different cycles to choose from
    Washing machines have various cycles to clean different fabrics. Opt for a heavy cycle for larger loads or to clean extremely dirty, stained clothes. You can also go with a delicate cycle to wash bras and panties. Using the right cycle is essential to protect your clothes and to increase their life cycle.
  • Easy to repair
    You can easily get in touch with a technician who can take care of any repairs for you.
  • Easy to operate
    Pressing a button is all you have to do to start the washing cycle. It's that easy to operate.
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