Useful Refrigerator Buying Guide

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 10 min read minutes

When it comes to refrigerators, there sure are endless options to choose from. Space and budget might be your priority but there are many things to keep in mind before you invest in the right one. All the technicalities aside, everyone needs to own a refrigerator. Whether you live alone or you live with your family, a refrigerator is a must. Some may prefer and need only a small refrigerator but having the latest refrigerator can help store and preserve your food and electricity to its best capacity. So here are the types of refrigerators and some things you need to consider before you buy!

What are the types of refrigerators?

Refrigerators are mainly segregated into 5 types according to what they provide. This includes We’ll take you through the provisions of each!

Single door refrigerator:

This is the most common type and is the one that can be found in homes of smaller families. These refrigerators come with a single door that encapsulates the refrigerator and the freezer. They are usually smaller in size and the capacity ranges from 165L to 280L. These refrigerators have limited shelves and come with a manual defroster.

Bottom mount refrigerators:

This type of refrigerator is quite uncommon and is one that has a freezer located at the bottom. Many find this more convenient as fresh food is accessed more frequently, unlike frozen food, so they prefer having the freezer at the bottom. A bottom mount means that your fresh food is always at eye level! Although this has many advantages, it is one of the rarer choices.

Top mount refrigerators:

These are other popular refrigerator types that can be found in most homes. The freezer is situated above the fresh food compartment. This type of refrigerator has more space and can accommodate the needs of families with 4+ members. Many find the segregation between frozen and fresh to be convenient as it also prevents common frosting problems. The capacity of these refrigerators ranges between 175L to 750L.

Side-by-side refrigerator:

In this type of refrigerator, the freezer is on the left and the refrigerator is on the right. Food is at eye level on both fronts – frozen and fresh. These are the most spacious type of refrigerators and come with many deep shelves and bins. They’re perfect for a larger family of 6 or 7 people. They are luxurious when it comes to space as well as other facilities such as ice and water dispensers. They are wider and are not recommended for smaller spaces.

Multi Door or 4-door refrigerator:

When you have a 4-door refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about losing anything ever again. With this kind of organization, your food is right where you want it. Drawers, adjustable shelves, a separate freezer, and more can help you stay organized. It’s good for larger families who cook in larger quantities.

How to choose a refrigerator?

Apart from the types, there are some things you need to keep in mind before buying a refrigerator in your research on the best refrigerator brands in UAE and refrigerator prices in UAE.

An important aspect is refrigerator size. If you cannot judge your requirement based on litres, remember that 50 to 80 litres are ideal for 1 person, 150L to 250L for a family of 3, 250L to 330L for a family of 5, 350L to 490L for a family of 6, or more.

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