Top Kitchen Appliance Trends Not to Miss in 2022

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 7 min minutes

There is no doubt that kitchens have advanced much in recent years. They have evolved from purely functional areas to the centre of social activity in a busy household. Modern kitchen equipment, too, has advanced along with changes in how we use our kitchens, making our houses ever more practical, fashionable, and effective. Here is our list of the best new kitchen appliances available this year. The guide list has something for everyone, whether you enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes or you could use some help managing the demands of a hectic family life!

Types of small home appliances

  1. Coffee maker
    A fantastic barista-style coffee maker is an absolute necessity if you adore coffee. If you're serious about high-quality coffee, Super General's bean-to-cup machines are the best option, with built-in and standalone models readily available. Super General's coffee machines are unmatched because they use a high-performance grinder and smart sensors to offer the ideal pressure and temperature to extract the most flavour.
  2. Mixer
    Any baker will relate to how time-consuming it is to mix cake batter or bread dough. Combining wet and dry components, such as flour and eggs, is simple using mixers. For kneading, some mixers have dough-hook attachments. The best mixer that will make your work super easy is Super General's Multi-Functional Stand Mixer SGKF1086DR, which has six power levels with a 2 kg mixture volume. 
  3. Electric rice cooker
    Once you experience using an electric rice cooker from Super General, you'd hardly ever want to go back to cooking rice on a stovetop! The Electric Pressure Cooker is versatile with digital controls and features. This model has a self-timer/delay start, auto-warming, slow cooking, steaming, and other features. With the help of these features, you can automate the process and be sure that your rice will be cooked when it's time to eat!
  4. BBQ Grill
    Gas grilling usually produces less mess and is simpler and quicker than other outdoor grilling methods. Gas BBQ Grill SG25BBQ by Super General is ideal for cooking healthy meals at home. It is an easy maintenance appliance since it is dismountable and has a Teflon coating to keep your food from burning. 
  5. Table-top gas stove
    The Tabletop Gas Stove SGB 313GFD by Super General is one of the best gas stoves in 2022. The brand's 3-burner gas stove excels in every category, including style, performance, and safety. It is purposefully made smaller than usual to take up minimal counter space. The burner design reduces cooking time by enabling faster and more efficient cooking, while the durable toughened glass adds ease. This gas stove is simple to clean and maintain, thanks to its spill-proof construction. This gas stove's large knobs are ergonomically designed to make it simpler and more enjoyable!
  6. Blender
    Adept with a high-functioning motor, a Super General Blender is quite efficient. Creamy sauces, soups, dressings, vinaigrettes, and smoothies are blended up quickly by the powerful motor. Additionally, the various-sized jars in a multi-piece set make it incredibly simple to save time and quickly prepare a morning smoothie before leaving the house!
  7. Air Fryer
    One of the most well-known air fryers is the Super General. The air fryer seeks to reduce calories by up to 70% while still producing fried food that is crispy, hot, and golden without deep-frying. The fryer has a 7-quant volume and 7 cooking functions LED digital display panel. With 7 one-touch settings, you may air fry or roast chicken, steaks, and seafood and bake several delicacies. 
  8. Electric and microwave oven
    Where to install a microwave has always been an indecisive topic. Should one put it under the kitchen counter or in a pantry or cabinet? But one of the most popular spots—and frequently the only one for some homeowners—is over a countertop.
    As a result, Super General has introduced new designs for premium-range microwaves. The 42L Microwave SGMM942DGS includes a steam cook option. A slide-out vent, which is a typical complaint with over-the-range microwaves, extends its reach to cover the front burners as well as the rear, reducing smoke and cooking odors.

You should be able to thoroughly enjoy buying kitchen appliances for your home while also considering your lifestyle and the design of your kitchen. Before you go shopping for appliances, read through this handy buying guide! Super General is a popular and highly reliable brand with excellent customer support and a variety of products. You can buy your kitchen appliances from any Super General store across the UAE and watch your kitchen brimming with the top appliances of 2022!