Tips on how to care for your mixer grinder 

16 May 2023 | Read time: 5 minutes

Mixer grinders make your life easy, saving you lots of time in the kitchen daily. While they are easy to maintain and use, you must follow specific safety tips to do your cooking in under 30 minutes!

Effective ways to clean a mixer grinder

Rinse the blenders after every use
Always ensure you thoroughly wash your jars after every use. Make it a point to clean the jars with mild cleaning agents or use baking soda and vinegar.

Grease the blades
If you want the motor of your mixer grinder to last longer, you must always ensure there is no moisture in the jar and the blades after cleaning. This leads to rusting, and blades covered with rust tend to be noisy. Hence, grease the edges every week at least once.

Unplug safely
You can only unplug your mixer grinder once your ingredients are perfectly blended. You should always switch off the appliance before unplugging it. This also prevents you from experiencing an electric shock.

Place your jars properly
Having the right-sized jars for your mixer grinder is essential, as the jar blades will be significantly affected if you use the incorrect ones. Also, whatever is in your jar will only be adequately ground if you use the appropriate jars. Hence, always look for suitable jars before you begin grinding.

Position your mixer the right way
How can you use the mixer grinder effectively if you don't place it on a flat surface? To prevent your appliance from spilling the mix everywhere, ensure you have put it in the right corner of your kitchen!

What you shouldn't do while using a mixer grinder are as follows:

Most of us will overfill the jar beyond its capacity to finish blending quickly. But this does more harm than good, as your work will double since the jar can spill almost everything out! Hence, always grind the minimal capacity mentioned in the manual.

Don't refrigerate your jar
If you want to store your paste for the future, transfer it to another jar and then cool it. Keeping the jar in the refrigerator can affect the mixer grinder's functioning.

Never overheat the mixer grinder
If you want to blend massive amounts of ingredients, switching off the mixer for a few seconds is always better to cool the grinder's motor, as it affects its functioning.
Apart from these measures, bear these in mind:

  • Don't add ingredients while the mixer is on; Turn it off before you add anything new to the paste.
  • Don't add hot liquids while blending; it can throw the lid off. Add ingredients at room temperature.
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How do you maintain a mixer grinder?
Maintaining the mixer grinder can be easy if you thoroughly clean the jars and the entire appliance after every use. Stains and remaining ingredients, rust and dust are enemies that destroy your mixer grinder. Hence, regularly clean your mixer to keep it running longer.

Which brand of mixer grinder is best?
Mixer grinders from Super General are the best, as they are easy to use and maintain. The customer support and the technicians can resolve any issue in no time if anything should arise.

Why is it important to clean the grinder regularly?
Tiny particles and moisture in your jars lead to rusting and loud functioning of your mixer grinder. Hence, it's always best to keep your appliance clean.

How do you stop a grinder from overheating?
There's only one way to stop your mixer grinder from overheating. You must turn it off whenever you are blending more quantity and pause for at least ten minutes before resuming to grind the next batch.

What are the safety precautions to keep in mind while using a mixer?
Only grind at optimal capacity; and never allow your mixer to overheat. Remove the moisture and keep the blades clean. Following these tips can increase the shelf life of this appliance.

How do I keep my mixer clean?
Mild detergents should do the trick of keeping your mixer grinder clean. However, you can always use baking soda and vinegar for the best results and a quick polished look.