Things to Look for in a Convection Microwave Oven

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 7 min minutes

Combination ovens, commonly referred to as convection ovens, are the multi-taskers of the kitchen appliances and a blessing for those with limited space. They come in helpful for places where a full-sized oven doesn't fit, such as a studio apartment, a camper, or a vacation home.

If you believe you might need more than one oven when preparing a feast, they can also be a handy addition to full kitchens. Whether you plan to buy a new convection microwave oven or wish to upgrade your current model, here's a handy guide to help you through the process.

What features should a good microwave have?

  1. Ease-of-use
    On the display, look for simple-to-use controls and clear directions. You won't need to consult the instruction manual for the best convection microwave ovens.
  2. Cleaning
    Ensure the oven doesn't have too many cracks or fissures that could trap food and grease or too many gaps or holes inside the oven. Some models incorporate a grill element into the roof because exposed grill elements can be challenging to clean. Although they have a nice appearance, stainless steel exteriors sometimes need extra care to avoid fingerprints. Look for coatings that are easy to clean and smooth. Some manufacturers also provide catalytic liners, although these only cover a small area.
  3. Visibility
    You can watch your food cook through a big transparent viewing window and excellent inside lighting. Choose a model that demonstrates solid visibility so you can keep a check on your food.
  4. Size
    Ensure that your cooking utensils will fit appropriately in the microwave by checking the size before buying them. Additionally, the outside of the oven needs to be ventilated and must have a clearance of at least 5 cm on either side, 10 cm on the back, and 15 to 40 cm on top.
  5. Auto-program functions
    Measurement of the fumes released while cooking allows sensor programmes to go beyond automatic functions and regulate the cooking time. You may be asked to add the serve size or volume when preparing everyday meals, and the oven will calculate the cooking time.
How to use a convection microwave safely?

The whole interior of the oven warms up during convection cooking; thus, the device must be insulated to keep the exterior from being extremely hot. We notice that the door glass, handle, and controls heat up more than a standard microwave oven, but not to a harmful degree. Compared to tiny benchtop toaster ovens, these ovens are significantly better insulated. When using convection, the oven door gets extremely hot inside and may drift back onto your hand when removing cooked food. Always wear oven mitts when cleaning the inside of the oven, and wait until it has cooled.

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