The Ultimate Guide to Chiller Systems

14 Mar 2023 | Read time: 5 minutes

A commercial chiller is a professional kitchen's most commonly used appliance. It needs enough chilling capacity to operate in hot temperatures while remaining reliable even when the doors are constantly being opened. Commercial refrigerators generally keep stock with hundreds of pounds of stock, so you want them to be used wisely.   

Your food service operation may need only one general-purpose fridge, or you may need a few to deal with some specific aspects of your business. This guide will help you to buy the best chillers from Super General, the differences between the various types of chillers and refrigerators available and their benefits.  

What to consider before buying a commercial chiller?  

Before looking for your new fridge, ensure you know what you need. Don't risk picking out an appliance that doesn't work for your business, and create a list of requirements before shopping.   

  • Capacity: Make sure your fridge has enough space for what you need for your busiest service. If you get one that's too small, you'll be wasting food, but if you get one that's too big, you'll be wasting valuable space in the kitchen.   
  • Size: Make sure your new fridge will fit in your space and work through your restaurant doors on delivery. 
  • Positioning: The fridge placement needs to make sense, with enough room to open drawers and doors. Consider the flow of your kitchen and how it will be used.  
  • Efficiency: If the fridge is more efficient, it will be cheaper to run running on low noise. 

Types of chillers 

When you buy a new chiller, one of the essential decision factors is whether to buy a single-door or double-door chiller. Let's compare both types of chillers and decide easily. Try our chiller selector to choose the suitable cooler/chiller as per your commercial needs.
There are two types of chillers: 

Specifications Single-door chiller  Double-door chiller 
No. of doors Only one door  Double door with French and sliding doors 
Chiller capacity 47 litres to 650 litres  800 litres to 1000 and 1200 litres 
Size  800 litres to 1000 and 1200 litres  Suitable for restaurants and super-markets 
Voltage  220V-240V~/50HZ  220-240V, 50Hz 
No. of shelves 5 8
Weight (kg)  124  154
Refrigerant Type Fan cooling  Fan cooling 
Dimension (HxWxD Mm) 1998x710x690  2100x1050x770 

Where to buy chillers? 

A chiller—or two—in your space might provide an additional storage option worth considering. Regarding food storage, the Super General chiller is very useful, but each has its pros and cons. You can decide which kind of chiller you need based on your needs, budget, the capacity you require, the benefits of self-defrosting and internal organisation, and variations in energy efficiency. 
You may buy different types of chillers/commercial fridges online from Amazon, Sharaf DG, and Carrefour. Look up Super General for more information about different types of chillers, and contact the Super General chiller/freezer service centre to maintain them for optimum use.