The Ultimate Guide to Buying Refrigerators

16 Oct 2023

A refrigerator acts as more than just a storage unit. It uplifts any room in your house with its design. If you want to get a new stylish and super affordable model, read to know why you must choose a Super General model!

Features of Refrigerators

Fridge styles and configurations 

  • Top Mount Refrigerators: This is the most conventional model, with the freezer on top and the fridge at the bottom. This may be ideal for a family of two to three members, as there will be no extra space left at the top or bottom. 
  • Bottom Mount Refrigerators: You can choose this model if your kitchen is spacious. Here, the freezer will be at the bottom and the refrigerator above. This is nothing new and looks a lot like a top-freezer refrigerator. 
  • French door refrigerators: These models come with doors that open from the center, and the freezer is often in the form of a pull-down drawer. While it offers more storage capacity, it also occupies considerable space in your kitchen! 
  • Side-by-side refrigerators are much like the previous model, but the freezer is on the side. These can also cover massive space in your kitchen, so think twice before buying.
Energy efficiency
The larger the capacity, the higher will be the energy consumption. Look for models with freezers at the top, as these consume less energy than the other models. Also, look for star-rated refrigerators to tell you how much energy is saved monthly.

Design and aesthetics
Everybody wants their kitchen to look aesthetic, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The standard model that consumers love today is the side-by-side, which looks elegant to the modular kitchens, and these might eat up a lot of space, too. Hence, keep the size in mind when looking for aesthetically pleasing refrigerators.

Refrigerator maintenance
Clean and keep your refrigerator dry at least once a week. This will calm your mind and also maintain the hygiene of the products stored. Also, check thoroughly with a technician every six months so your model keeps running for over 20 years.

Refrigerator installation
The installation process is challenging, and it requires others’ assistance often. So, select the model that can be easily shifted to your place without much trouble.

Refrigerator size for families
Different sizes are available, catering to the number of members in the family. Decide on the model that can help store all the items for your members for at least one week.

Super General refrigerators are known for energy efficiency and affordability. If your kitchen needs a new refrigerator, visit Amazon, Sharaf DG, and Carrefour UAE for our best models!


What are the different types of refrigerators available in the market? 
Various types include top mount or bottom mount, French doors, side-by-side, and quad-door refrigerators. 

How do I determine the correct size refrigerator for my kitchen?   
Suppose your family is one to two people, a 4 to 13 cu. ft. fridge is best. Suppose there are three to four people, a 14 to 24 cu. Ft. refrigerator will suit you. If your family is five or more people, a 25 or more cu—ft. refrigerator capacity will be acceptable.  

Are there energy-efficient refrigerators available?
Star-rated models for energy efficiency are known to use less heat in terms of compressors and save electricity during everyday functioning.

What features should I look for in a refrigerator? 
Capacity, space availability, defrosting method, energy ratings, and additional features like water/ice dispensers are some features you should see while purchasing a refrigerator. 

Which refrigerator brands are known for reliability and quality? 
There are many well-known brands of refrigerators in the UAE. However, once you choose Super General, there’s no going back! 

What is the average lifespan of a refrigerator? 
On average, a refrigerator can function for up to 13 years, which may increase based on how it’s maintained. Several models have a warranty for up to 20 years, including the refrigerators from Super General.  

What are some expected refrigerator temperature and food storage tips? 
Plan proper storing since you should have space for the air to circulate inside the refrigerator. Always set the temperature at or below 4 degrees Celsius.