The latest shopping trends for refrigerators - What you need to know

17 Jul 2023 | Read time: 5 minutes

You buy a refrigerator once, and it lasts for the next fifteen years with proper care. To buy a kitchen appliance that will serve for longer periods, you need to know what to look for in the newest models. Here's an article to help you with your purchase.

The importance of choosing the right refrigerator

Size and capacity
The first thing to do before you choose the size of your refrigerator is measure your kitchen cabinet. You can't get a model which wouldn't fit in. The next factor is the amount of food you will store, based on the number of members in your family. If you want to cook for your friends often, you might want a refrigerator with a larger capacity.

Style and design
Refrigerators come in various finishings and designs, and it's in your hands to choose the model that goes well with your kitchen cabinets. You can see the vibrant red, silver and black colored finishes in the stores, which can also contrast your kitchen cabinet shades.

Glass doors are also becoming popular, which adds extra elegance to your kitchen. The idea behind this is to help you guess what's in your fridge without having to peep into it, making your life easy!

Quality of making the perfect ice

There are several refrigerators now that make ice quicker and delay the process of melting. With the latest features, your drinks and beverages can stay cold longer than ever.

AI-powered fridge
AI-powered refrigerators do more than obey your voice commands. The latest AI feature in the stores will let you record the insides to know what's in there and what else you need to buy for a week. Android and Apple phones can easily integrate with the latest refrigerator AI tools to make your food healthier and tastier. The other features include a measured-fill water dispenser and temperature-controlled shelves for dairy and other easily perishable products, which all go a long way to make your food fresh for several weeks together.

Air filters for removing ethylene
Ethylene is a natural hormone given off the fruits, which helps them ripen. It can make your vegetables ripen quickly, thereby leading them to rot. The new models have filters that control the level of ethylene inside the refrigerator, which can keep the fruits and vegetables healthier for a long time.

Energy efficiency
Choosing energy-efficient refrigerators with inverted compressors can save you many bucks, reducing your carbon footprint. Inverted compressors save more energy than traditional ones, as they adjust the cooling capacity based on the fridge's temperature, which will help you in the long run.

Warranty and price
Everyone knows refrigerators with the latest technology could be expensive. However, if the brand extends the warranty for more than one year and can change the damaged parts for free, you can invest in a particular brand. Always ensure that your model is worth the money you invest in. Refrigerators at least work well for ten to 12 years, which might extend, if you follow proper care instructions.

The reputation of the brand
Even though the model you chose has ticked off all the boxes given here, you should check the brand's reputation. The product may be great, but many might have reservations about the service teams or customer service executives. Read several reviews on the brand and its standing in the market because this will let you make a wise decision.
These are the things to remember before purchasing a new refrigerator for your home! Super General is one of the leading brands in the UAE that keeps energy efficiency, creative designs and other factors in mind by making their models affordable. Visit Amazon and Sharaf DG to get the best deals on the latest Super General refrigerators.


Are counter-depth fridges more energy-efficient?
Counter-depth fridges save more energy, as they are available in smaller capacities. Since these are smaller, you can only store small quantities of food. Hence, these are energy efficient.

How can I choose the right refrigerator that fits my space and budget?
Read online reviews of the popular brands after you measure the space where your refrigerator will fit in the kitchen. If you are also clear about how much you want to spend on the new model, it will help you draw some specific brands that make affordable cooling ranges.

What are some innovative features of modern refrigerators?
Energy efficiency, separate and detachable shelves and compartments, multi-airflow system and LED lighting, are a few features in the latest models.