Smart TVs: Trend of the new generation

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 10 min read minutes

Smart TVs are here to stay. That's a good thing as it's a buyers’ market with different prices and so many options to choose from. So, if you are considering buying a Smart TV for your home, make sure to go through this handy guide that can help you make the right purchase.


The best range of Smart TVs available for purchase

Start with understanding what a Smart TV is. Also, do your research on the different types of Smart TVs available. A smart TV has been designed with an operating system that allows you to access, view and manage online content without connecting to an additional box. They generally function by connecting to the broadband router in your home. Hence, having a stable Wi-Fi connection is essential to enjoy this viewing experience. Know more about the different TVs in this category. 


·    LED TV 

LED TVs are a subset of LCD TVs. It stands for “mild emitting diodes. It differs from normal LCD TVs in that LCDs use fluorescent lights whereas LEDs use mild emitting diodes to drive the display screen backlight.  


·    4K TV 

It's a Smart TV with 4K resolution. It has four times more pixels than a traditional Full HD TV. Hence, you can enjoy a more immersive experience without restrictions on viewing distance. You can watch content from up close without paying attention to individual pixels.  


·    OLED TV 

OLED stands for ‘Organic Light Emitting Diode’ and uses ‘organic’ materials like carbon to create light when supplied directly by an electric current. It doesn’t require a backlight to illuminate the set area. Hence, its super thin, flexible, creates deeper colour contrasts for a great viewing experience. 

Now that you know the different Smart TVs available, brush up on their most enviable features. 


The must-have features you should know about 


·      Fast User Interface 

A fast user interface smoothly switches from one app, function and seamlessly helps you view and access content. 


·      Streaming Video Services 

A Smart TV with an app that supports online services is what you need to access online streaming video services to view great content.  


·     4K UHD Streaming Video 

Make sure your Smart TV is compatible for all the services that offer 4K UHD streaming. It gives you a better viewing experience. 


·      Music Streaming 

Not all Smart TVs have apps for some of the most popular services that offer a great selection of music. So, check the Smart TVs app store to see if your favourite music streaming service is available. 


·     Media Player 

Also, look up your Smart TVs media player. It makes for a great option when you want to view family albums, videos on a big screen. 


 ·     Recommendation Engine 

If your Smart TV makes useful suggestions when a specific movie or show you want isn’t available to stream, it gives you an alternative to view. 


·    Universal Search 

A built-in search engine or guide with a Universal Search option gives your TV the widest search capabilities. 


·     Games 

Many Smart TVs can access the PlayStation Now game streaming service. So, pick one that has this feature so you can enjoy gaming. 


·     Transfer Smartphone Content to the Smart TV 

Your Smart TV should also allow you to send content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. This way you can view photographs, videos and even listen to music directly on a big screen. 


·     App Store 

Your Smart TV should have access to an app store. So, you can choose from a wide variety of applications. It also helps you download new and updated apps and the latest updates.  

So, move with the times. Shop for Smart TVs in the UAE. You can also learn more about Smart TVs