Reasons to Use a Water Dispenser

17 Nov 2022

In the modern world, hydration is the key to maintaining your health in many ways. Making sure you’re getting all the essential nutrients through safe and clean water you drink is also very vital to your health. So, having a trusted source to give you the essential nutrients from water becomes fundamental here. Having access to clean and hygienic water at home can help keep your body refreshed and healthy. However, tap water cannot always be reliable, in most countries. Most illnesses are transmitted through the bacteria that are present in tap water. To curb these problems, most families opt for purified drinking water through a water dispenser at home to avail a myriad health benefits. These give you a number of options when it comes to storage, purification level and temperature of the water.

Benefits of a water dispenser

It’s simply better for health – Tap water is exposed to a number of chemicals that are used to treat it. These can cause infections and lead to health issues. Through water dispensers you can get clean and purified drinking water that is much fresher and cleaner that boiling the water too. Much of the dirt, bacteria and chemicals are treated in ways that boiling water cannot.

Its eco-friendly – Water dispensers save the earth from increase of plastic wastage through purified water in plastic bottles. When you have a water dispenser at home, it also becomes a habit to fill your own bottle before you head out. This means that with just one outing you may have saved at least 2 plastic bottles from being used and thrown.

It has an attractive appearance and is convenient – There are a number of water dispenser models that look sleek and fit in right into your home. It looks great in the kitchen or wherever you choose to display and use it. You also have access to instant hot or cold water either for making teas or coffee with hot water or making cooling juices and shakes with the cold water. There’s no need to boil water and wait or use ice every time.

Super easy to maintain and cost effective – Water dispensers save on a lot of costs that go into accessing clean drinking water. A onetime investment and you have clean, purified water at home for years to come. You also have access to yearly or bi-yearly service of your water dispenser depending on the brand you choose

Some water dispenser safety tips to consider

  •             Clean and service it regularly
  •             Check for mold and bacteria
  •              Practice caution around electrical sockets

Which water dispensers are better? Top loading or bottom loading

Top-loading dispensers are lightweight, easy to maintain and provides a more convenient way to access cold and hot water.

Bottom-loading dispensers are educes any strain from lifting the heavy jugs and prevents back injury. It has a modern, sleek design that provides a neat, cleaner look and can blend more easily into your kitchen aesthetics.

So which one is better for you depends on your requirements.

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