Most Energy Efficient Dishwashers

17 Nov 2022 | Read time: 10 min minutes

Looking to conserve energy, time and money while you do your bit for the environment? Well, investing in an energy efficient dishwasher would be the right step in this direction. It can help you use less water while washing your dirty dishes even as it works efficiently reducing energy consumption. These high-efficiency kitchen appliances can cost anywhere between AED 1,469 and go up around AED 9,900.

Get the best results with every wash

Make the most of your dishwasher and use it right so that it will serve you longer. Here are five tips that can help you.

Avoid Pre-Rinsing

Most dishwashers are equipped with cleaning technology so that it saves time and water. You don’t have to pre-rinse the dishes, only scrape away any leftovers. Your dishwasher will do the rest for you, rinsing and washing your dishes sparkling clean.

Wash Full Loads

It’s better to wash all your dishes in one load, especially if you have more than six dishes to clean. It uses the same amount of water and energy. Hence, you would be using the dishwasher more economically and saving on power bills.

Use Eco Settings

This is the energy saving setting available to users that consume less energy. It also lowers the rinse temperature during a wash cycle.

Size of the Machine matters

Depending on the size of your machine, you will be able to wash more or less dishes. Hence, it’s important to assess your requirements so that you can make the most of your dishwasher. Avoid overloading it, and follow instructions given to ensure your appliance runs smoothly.

Check the Energy Label

To save on power bills, it’s important to check the energy label of your dishwasher. Avoid investing in an appliance that consumes a lot of power, and bring home a high-efficiency dishwasher that is designed to avoid water wastage.

What makes a Dishwasher Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient dishwashers are upgraded with the latest technologies like better water filtration, high efficiency jets and soil sensors. All of these contribute to cleaner dishes and ensure your dishwasher does not consume too much power or water.

Dishwasher care tips

Follow these simple tips to keep your dishwasher in prime condition.

Clean your dishwasher regularly

Doing this will ensure that no debris settles at the bottom and there’s no build-up of bacteria.

Inspect the cleaning arms regularly

This way you will know if they are doing their job and spinning correctly, helping you clean the dishes well. Also, make sure to clean these arms well to avoid any debris getting stuck there.

Make sure to clean the edges and exterior

Sometimes, you will find stains or debris on the edges and on the door. So, make sure to wipe these off well.

Get rid of mildew and other residual build-up

A thorough cleaning with a good detergent can help you keep your dishwasher clean and hygienic.
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How much energy does a dishwasher use?

Most of the latest dishwashers are designed to be energy efficient. They use between 1200 and 2400 watts of power, with an average dishwasher using 1800 watts.

Do ENERGY STAR dishwashers use less water?

Yes, dishwashers with energy star ratings use less water than standard dishwashers. As a result you get excellent results using less energy and water.