How to find the best freezer for your home? | Everything you need to know

24 Jan 2023

A chest or stand-up freezer can be quite convenient and may even end up saving you money over time, even though a refrigerator freezer may be plenty for storing frozen food for a small family. With enough freezer space, you may take advantage of bulk food discounts, freeze seasonal berries and jams, bake for occasions, prepare meals ahead of time, and order huge quantities of meat. What kind of freezer should you get, and which will suit your needs the best? Read On!!! 

Chest vs Upright Freezer: Major differences

The type of freezer that is perfect for you will depend on your individual needs and way of life. Some folks like to use an upright freezer for regular frozen meals while using a chest freezer to store special and seasonal baking or game meat

Specifications Chest Freezer Upright Freezer
Appearance Lift-up door, baskets, lower to the ground Front-opening door, shelves, stands vertical
Size 5 to 25 cubic feet 5 to 25 cubic feet
Maintenance Labour and time-intensive if manual frost-free Less maintenance
Noise Less noisy More noisy
Energy Uses less energy Uses more energy
Installation Larger footprint Smaller footprint
Cost Less expensive More expensive
Lifespan Up to 14 years Up to 14 years

Upright freezer benefits

An upright freezer might be better than a chest freezer if you:

  • Want something compact: These standing freezers are perfect for locations that need to have a smaller footprint or finished living areas, like a basement rec room or kitchen, because they take up less floor space.
  • Store smaller items: Most Super General upright freezers come equipped with storage bins, racks, shelves, drawers, or door compartments. These interior features can help you stay organised if you freeze tiny items like frozen dinners, packaged meats, or produce as opposed to heaping food up and losing track of what's on the bottom.
  • Want easier access: You can keep some products in vertical freezers at eye level and within reach for easier access. Additionally, this form of freezer won't require you to stoop over to access what you need or to clear it out.
  • Want LED lighting: Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout to help you find just what you’re looking for when you need it.
  • Need flexible installation: Some standing freezers have doors that may be opened from the right or the left thanks to a reversible design. This is a choice to consider if you require a versatile configuration.
  • Have steady power: As compared to chest freezers, upright freezers may not have a seal that is quite as tight, and as a result, food may not stay frozen for as long while the power is out.
  • Easy clean-up: Upright freezers can be easier to access with minimal bending while cleaning.

Chest freezer benefits

You might prefer a chest freezer over a standing freezer if you:

  • Have enough room: Because they are short and wide, chest freezers take up more horizontal space than vertical. If you want to store it in a large garage or basement, chest freezers are the best option.
  • Buy and store in bulk: Due to the absence of adjustable shelves, drawers, and dividers, chest freezers can increase the capacity of your deep freezer. Even a small chest freezer makes the most of the available space.
  • Frequently lose power: Items can occasionally be kept frozen for two to three days without power in chest freezers because they often have a tighter door seal.
  • Want a cost-effective option: Chest freezers from a Super General brand are a cost-effective option that’s ideal for bulk storage and food preservation.
  • Want a consistent temperature: Chest freezers can help keep your meat, veggies, and other items fresh for a long time because they have deep storage and easy access racks.

A freezer—or two—in your house might provide an additional storage option that is worth taking into consideration. When it comes to food storage, both Super General chest and upright freezers are useful freezers, but each has its pros and cons. Based on your needs, budget, the capacity you require, the benefits of self-defrosting and internal organisation, and variations in energy efficiency, you must decide whether to buy a chest freezer or an upright freezer.