Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips 

13 Jan 2023

Washing machines keep your clothes squeaky clean. However, to ensure they perform optimally, we need to remember to maintain front and top load washing machines. Here is how you can keep your washing machine running perfectly for a long time.

Do and Don'ts of a Washing Machine

Choose the right detergent

Pick a mild detergent, according to your washing machine manual. Standard detergents will only work for some machines. Choosing the detergent based on the water you use at home is also essential. You can go for medium to strong washing liquids if it is hard water, and you can ask your machine technician to help you through this process.

Deep clean your washing machine

Deep cleaning your machine involves thoroughly removing dirt from all places. Clean the hose, drum, filters, gasket and outlet pipe with an industrial cleaner every month.

Dry the rubber gasket

Rubber gasket can be seen outside the drum, which protects your clothes from sharp edges in the machine. These gaskets in front-load machines retain a lot of moisture and dirt while the drum rotates. If it stays for extended periods, it can affect the quality of the rubber and the clothes. Hence, after you unload the clothes every time, dry this gasket with a cotton cloth.

Protect the finish

All the exteriors of washing machines have stainless-steel bodies. However, if the starting points of the outlet pipe are not maintained well, you will see corrosion. If you have a front-load washing machine, you can find that dirt can easily lock around the circular door. Hence, with a mild detergent, polish your machine often.

Clean detergent and fabric softener dispensers

If not cleaned regularly, you will notice a green layer in your detergent and fabric softener plates. This can be seen in your clothes too, which can be disappointing. Hence, wipe these dispensers clean.

Clean the filter

All the basic and advanced washing machines have lint filters, which collect dirt and debris from your clothes. If you do not clean this filter correctly, you can’t expect your machine to work properly. Hence, whenever you schedule a monthly maintenance cleanup, ensure you also focus on cleaning the lint filter.

Use washing machine carefully

If you are wondering how to implement this, we are here to help. Half the work is done if you segregate your clothes by fabric, size, and color. The next thing to remember is not to overstuff your drum for washing. If you follow these points religiously, your washing machine will function well for years.

The longevity of your washing machines is guaranteed if you maintain and service it regularly. It is easy to care for Super General washing machines, as they are manufactured keeping quality in mind. We also offer excellent services, and you can reach out to our customer support in case of technical emergencies.


Do washing machines need oiling?

All the moving parts of your washing machine have oil. It acts as a lubricating agent, which helps these parts to work efficiently and balances the pressure and heat produced. You can easily oil the washing machine onto a circular bearing on the back. Fill a syringe with oil and insert it onto the bearing. Read the instruction manual before injecting it, as every machine demands different quantities of oil.

How often should washing machine be serviced?

You can perform the service wash every month based on your usage. If your model has a hot wash feature, select the highest temperature while you run the machine empty for cleaning. You can seek professional help every six months or one year.

Can I service my washing machine?

Taking care of washing machines at home is simple. Run it empty with a good detergent explicitly meant for cleaning the machine’s drum. You can clean the exteriors using a mild soap solution and remove dirt from the detergent dish.

Should you leave the washing machine door open?

Leaving your washing machine door open after it completes a load is essential; mould growth is rampant in moist and dark places. If you do not leave your door open, your clothes can smell musty. Hence, allow some fresh air, so the moisture evaporates quickly from the drum.

How to clean the washing machine?

Wipe the exterior and interiors of your washing machine with a cotton cloth. Clean the detergent dish and the water inlet often, so there is no excess dirt.