Best Home Appliances in 2023

25 Sep 2023

Looking to upgrade your home appliances? Read on to find out why Super General's appliance range will suit your needs!

Important appliances every home needs

The humidity control in the basic to advanced Super General refrigerators is designed to keep your vegetables, fruits and other quickly perishable items fresh for extended periods. Almost all the models are cost–efficient, and the LED lights are bright enough to help you locate things, even when craving that midnight snack in the dark.

If you want your dishwashers to work quietly and efficiently, then Super General's dishwashers are suitable for your home! These are easy to clean and maintain, and there are plenty of racks and stacks to place all kinds of cutlery and vessels that need thorough cleaning. You won’t regret buying our dishwashers if you have children and older people at home as they’re easy to use!

Washing machines
Super General's front loaders are a hit in the market since they are known to dry your clothes immediately after washing. So, it will take a little while to dry these in the sun. You can choose the top load model if your family is small, as our models have the right size and washing options for you. Apart from these, you also have a quick steam option to remove hard stains from any fabric. All our models can work well with hard water and any liquid detergent, whereas most of the other models can go wrong.

Air conditioners
Most of our air conditioners use a copper coil, which works well for extended periods with proper maintenance. Our best models have a 3-in-1 unit, which can run as an air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan, keeping bad odors away from your home. A common complaint from users that has been effectively addressed by our air conditioners. The best part is you can invest in high-energy-saving models, ensuring you do not get high power bills.

Water dispensers
Water dispensers are great for any season! You can instantly get hot and cold water with a button. Super General has everything – from fundamental to advanced water dispenser models, so choose the capacity per your needs.

Cooking range- Electric/Gas cookers
Choose our different cooking ranges for your kitchen for fuss-free and easy everyday cooking! Perfectly designed for all kitchen counters, you can quickly swipe off the bits and pieces that fall on the top while cooking. If you want budget-friendly ranges, visit our website to find the best models.

Microwave ovens
From small to large, Super General has all microwave oven models! Our miniature model also has more than five present cooking modes and comes with a manual to help you whip your best dish yet! These can be placed anywhere on your counter or kitchen and are energy-efficient, too!

Benefits of home appliances
With the best home appliances, you can always find time to keep up with your hobby and run your life effortlessly. All these are designed to cut down on your manual efforts, so they must be a part of your family!

To buy the best appliances for your home in Dubai, Super General should always be your first choice due to our products' high durability and warranty. Visit our website to check out our releases and where you can get these online!


What are the advantages of using a front-loading washing machine over a top loader?
The advantages are – that these are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Unlike the other models, it can be trusted to wash a huge load of clothes. Another reason why many love this model is it can fit into any space, even if it's small or compact, and the removal of stains and other dirt from the fabric is also excellent than the rest because of the drum positioning and rotating.

How do I choose the right refrigerator size for my kitchen?
Choosing the right-sized refrigerator depends on the number of members at home. If there are one to two people only, you can select a 4 to 13 cu. ft. model. If there are three to four, the ideal size will be 14 to 24 cu. ft. You can choose a refrigerator above 25 cu if there are more than five people. ft. You should also see that the difference in capacities leads to different types of refrigerator models.

Where can I buy appliances online?
You can buy Super General appliances in the UAE on Amazon, Sharaf DG, Carrefour UAE and other online shopping sites.