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Dishwasher buying guide: Things to consider before purchasing the right one

The latest & advanced technological features in home appliances have helped improve the quality of our lives. The dishwasher is one such tech advancement that takes care of all the dishwashing so that you can focus on things you enjoy. It helps you to balance your life and work perfectly and achieve effortless cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. You can follow this guide before choosing a dishwasher for your home!

How do we choose the best dishwasher?
Before zeroing in on the best model, look at these factors. There are two types of dishwashers – free-standing and built-in. Free-standing dishwashers can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, but built-in dishwashers are attached to your cabinets permanently. Read the other factors too, which are as follows:

Size of the dishwasher
Size is one of the most critical factors for choosing the best dishwasher. There are two sizes, 18 and 24-inch dishwashers. The 18-inch model is compact and will suit a family of three or four. The larger 24-inch model can be used for a family of five to six. You should also know that all the other factors vary based on size only. This includes the electricity load, wash cycles and energy consumption.

Eco-friendly dishwashers
The energy consumed by the dishwasher depends on which cycle it runs and how often you use it. A dishwasher uses 1,800 watts on average per cycle. The consumption also differs from the dishwashers programmed to heat water from the models directly connected to the hot water faucet. You can opt for eco-friendly dishwashers which do not draw much electricity. However, the price cap at which these come might be higher than the conventional ones.

Finish and design
All the dishwashers available in the market are made of stainless steel. The only change you can spot is their color. Dishwashers come in silver, black, white, and pale wood colour, which matches your kitchen cabinets well. Keep these in mind if you can find the best fit that will suit your kitchen.

Dishwasher price range
If you want an essential dishwasher with limited wash cycles, you must spend AED 850. According to its advanced features, the price can go up to AED 3,800.

Dishwasher brands
The best brands for dishwashers in the UAE include Super General, Siemens, Bosch, and Whirlpool. These brands have a variety of models, among which you can find the perfect onefor your kitchen!

What are the important features of a high-quality dishwasher?
Check if your dishwasher has at least one of these features before you purchase it.

Rinse/hold cycle
Only a few dishwashers offer this rinse/hold cycle. But you can find itin the mid-range models. The rinse mode will be handy when your dishes are not extremely dirty, and you want to clean those with only water. The rinse mode does not work for vessels with heavy stains. If you think you will use this program often, buy the best mid-range dishwasher.

3-in-1 function dishwasher
When there is only a hard water supply to your home, your dishwasher might require some regenerating salt powder to soften the water. Also, you must add rinse-aid to allow quick drying of your dishes. This is where a 3-in-1 function dishwasher comes into play. These models need only detergent or a tablet, and it does all the work mentioned here by themselves.

Extra drying and pre-wash options
A few advanced dishwashers have both extra/long dry and pre-wash modes. In the additional dry mode, you can remove the moisture entirely from plastic and other vessels, which take longer to dry in normal conditions.
The pre-wash mode is the same as the rinse cycle we mentioned earlier. Water is sprinkled on the dishes, but dirt will not be removed, as it uses detergent and less water. You can buy a dishwasher with these two options if you experience a time crunch often.

Half-load and delay time features
You may run your dishwasher at total capacity occasionally depending on the load for the day. At times, you might have only a few dishes. The half-load program will help you, using only half the water, energy and time as the normal washing mode.
There can be times when you have to pay a little extra for your electricity. This is called peak-electricity time. There is off-peak time, too, in which the consumption rate and its cost are also halved. You can note this in your home and set your dishwasher to function during off-peak times.

What do you need to know before buying a dishwasher?
Before choosing a dishwasher, there are a few points to bear in mind. They include:

If you buy a built-in dishwasher, you need to check the washer manual for the correct space allocation, so you leave only a little or no space to fit the dishwasher perfectly.

The dishwasher tubs are either made of plastic or stainless steel. The advantage of a plastic dishwasher is that it’s cheaper and can hide water stains well. The steel models are more durable and do not rust over time. They are also beneficial in withstanding high temperatures in specific wash cycles.

Noise-control feature
The average noise level of dishwashers is 80 dB. The minimum noise level is 30-40 dB, which can be found only in premium models. We recommend you buy quieter models since they are less of a headache.

The best thing about dishwashers is they are available in all price ranges. The high-end models promise maximum efficiency, while the lower-level models function without compromising much on their working capacity. As mentioned before, the price ranges between AED 850-AED 40,00.

Why is a dishwasher so crucial in the kitchen?
While leading a busy and fast-paced life, a dishwasher can save you time and energy. By handwashing your dishes, you are at risk of damaging your skin with harmful detergent chemicals. Additionally, it also helps maintain a clean kitchen counter!

Which dishwasher is the most reliable?
Even though there is a considerable range of dishwashers, Super General offers some models known for durability and a quick setup. Here are the top three recommendations from the brand.

Super General-16 plate dishwasher
One of the biggest dishwashers from Super General has eight preset programs. The eight programs include auto, intensive, rapid, eco, glass, 90 mins, soak and regular. It has LED lights as indicators and weighs around 48 kg with a plastic filter system. A family of five to seven can benefit from this 16-plate dishwasher.

Super General-15 place dishwasher
This 15-place dishwasher has three wide baskets for placing your dishes quickly. It has the same eight programs as the earlier model. Another advantage of this dishwasher is that it can work well for a family of four to six.

Super General-12 place dishwasher
The key features of this 12-place dishwasher are half load, salt/rinse indicator and pre-wash with lower and upper baskets. There are five wash programs, a delay-timer, four temperature settings, and a quick drying feature.
All these three dishwashers are one of the best models when compared to other brands as well. Order these today for your home from our website to make your life easy at home!

People also ask

How do I know which dishwasher to buy?
Half your research is done if you decide on the right-sized dishwasher with the adequate capacity needed for your home. As a next step, you can focus on how many advanced features it has, based on the pricing.

What are the three most important rules when using a dishwasher? Be careful while placing the glassware in the basket. If you add knives and other sharp objects, ensure the strong points are put down. Another essential factor is never to overload your dishwasher. You can separate your dishes and make your dishwasher run twice, but do not add up to its optimum capacity.

What is the best brand dishwasher for 2022?
Super General, LG, Bosch and Siemens are a few brands known for their dishwashers in 2022. These have been chosen as the best brands due to their highly efficient energy-saving models.

What should you look for when buying a dishwasher? Before buying a dishwasher, check its rating for energy consumption. Remember what kind of vessels you often use in your kitchen, so you can buy a dishwasher that suits your style!