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Free Standing Water Dispenser


Things To Consider Before Buying a Water Dispenser

Access to clean and hygienic water is vital for living a healthy life. Drinking water directly from the tap can be risky. It can result in water-borne diseases due to contamination. That’s where water dispensers can help. Earlier water dispensers were mostly found in offices or other public spaces. However, they are now increasingly finding a place in homes as they provide you with clean, pure water that’s free from contamination. If you have been considering installing a water dispenser in your home, here’s what you need to know.

Types of water dispensers available in the market 
There are a variety of water dispensers you can choose from. The list includes Touch Button water dispensers, Table-Top loading water dispensers, Stainless steel water tank dispensers and Free Standing with cabinet water dispensers. Additionally, you can also choose from Top & Bottom Mount, Double Taps and 3 Tap Bottom Mount water dispensers. Read on to learn more.

Touch Button water dispensers 
This advanced water dispenser is designed with smart touch controls, so you can enjoy a refreshing glass of hot or cold water at the touch of a button. It offers a sleek design and great functionality and is both easy and convenient to use.

Table-Top loading water dispensers 
It gives you clean, pure water on-demand. It’s economical and easy to set up.  You simply place the 2-, 4-, or 5-liter water container you have purchased on the unit and plug it in!

Stainless Steel water tank dispensers 
Looking for piping hot, hygienic water? Well opting for a stainless-steel water tank dispenser may be a good idea. You get instant hot water when you need it. Great for offices, restaurants, cafeterias and even at home.

Free Standing with cabinet water dispensers 
You get access to pure hot and cold water instantly. It also provides a cabinet for storage and is both easy to use and install. It can hold a 3- or 5-liter water tank that provides hot and cold water. You will find it in most offices and cafeterias.

Top & Bottom Mount water dispensers 
Top loading water dispensers need water containers that are placed on top and ensure you get access to pure water from the water tank below. This water is generally filtered by the companies who supply them. It’s both easy to install and use.
Bottom loading water dispensers draw the water up into the water tank. It generally has a more compact design, and hence it’s ideal for smaller places.

Double Taps water dispensers 
Generally made with stainless steel, it offers both hot and cold water. It’s sturdy, easy to clean and highly efficient. You are more likely to find it in schools, colleges and offices.

3 Tap Bottom Mount water dispensers 
You get access to pure drinking water at different temperatures. From hot, cold to normal, this water dispenser has a bottom loading design and great cooling capacity. It’s also safe for children to use and is great for the home or office.

Features to look for while shopping for a water dispenser 
You should consider the following features before deciding to purchase a water dispenser for your home.

Style and design Depending on your requirements and the space you can opt for a water dispenser to suit your needs. Opt for a compact design, if you have a small space or choose a water dispenser whose style suits your interiors. You can opt for one that can easily be placed on a table counter or one that can be mounted on the top or bottom.

High efficiency Depending on the kind of water dispenser you choose; you should also consider buying one that is energy efficient and is known for its amazing performance.

Compressor Cooling A highly effective water dispenser with compressor cooling ensures great performance and durability.

Cool and hot water Always check to see if your water cooler gives you access to instant hot and cold water. This way you not only get pure, clean drinking water but also on-demand water as per the temperature you need.

Importance of water dispensers
Water dispensers ensure you always have access to clean, hygienic water on the tap. Water is essential for hydrating your body, giving you a clear complexion and flushing out toxins from your body. It’s the best, refreshing drink for your mind, body and skin and that’s also eco-friendly and healthy. Access to a good quality water dispenser is vital to a healthy way of life.

Which water dispenser is better, top or bottom? 
Whether you are opting for a standard floor stand water dispenser, bottled water cooler or a built-in and freestanding water dispenser, you need to consider its energy efficiency.  There are different types of water dispensers available in the market, primarily top or bottom mounted water dispensers. While the quality of water remains the same, bottom-loading water dispensers come in a compact design, and hence is one of the reasons why it’s more in demand. The other main difference is   in bottom loading dispensers the water container is placed at the bottom, so, the water pump is used to draw water up into the water tank.
Both top and bottom mounted water dispensers have the same function of providing clean drinking water. However, the better one for your home is one that fits your requirements and space.

Water Cooler Cleaning and Maintenance
Most water dispensers now offer fuss-free cleaning. However, you can also get it serviced by a trained professional to ensure your water dispensers functions optimally.
In fact, you can research the different water dispensers available at Super General.  Choose from a wide range of water dispensers and water-cooling solutions.


How hygienic are water dispensers?
Most water dispensers come with built-in purifiers to ensure you get clean, hygienic water every time.  Hence, it’s worth investing in a quality water dispenser for both your health and convenience.

Where to buy the best water dispenser? 
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